Birsen Basar will be starting as the ambassador for the Dutch Association for Autism (NVA). At the age of 21 Birsen got the diagnose autism and since that time she trying to explain what autism and what’s it like to have autism is. In 2010 Birsen debuted with her book ‘I dont want to invisible anymore’ where she decribes on a frankly manner her life until her diagnose. Birsen gives regularly presentations in the Netherlands and Turkey and has meanwhile published her second book ‘The jungle of autism’. Further she collaborated in several TV-programes and documentaries about autism and studied the study to become an Autismspecialist in Antwerpen, Belgium. Birsen is 29 years old and works at the local authority of Breda.  Birsen Basar says: “While there is an increasing attention for autism, still there is incomprehension and are people with autism still insufficient accepted. The invisible part of autism makes recognition and acknowledgment difficult. As an ambassador I want to contribute to this acceptation and partipation of people with autism.”

Swanet Woldhuis: director of the Dutch Association for Autism: “We are proud of Birsen and to what she has achieved so far. We are rejoiced that she wants to contribute together with us for an autismfriendly society. It is important to build from the perspective of people with autism and their loved ones for an society where people with autism are optimally integrated, acceptated and can be independant. Birsen can be a rolemodel for youngsters and young adults with autism and be inspiring for our members and contributors.”

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