Social relationships can be challenging for individuals with autism. It’s not possible to completely eliminate these social difficulties, but you can learn how to function with more joy and tranquility in your interactions with others. In the ‘Improved Relationships’ trajectory, you will acquire skills and receive tools to enhance a social relationship with someone in your environment. Social relationships include neighbors, partners, parents, classmates, and colleagues encountered in various settings such as work, leisure, and home.

The ‘Improved Relationships’ trajectory is intended for individuals who:

  • Are unsure why a relationship with someone they like is challenging
  • Constantly try to adapt to others and struggle to be themselves
  • Seek connection with others but are uncertain how to achieve it
  • Would like to engage in conversation but struggle with initiating and maintaining it
  • Have contacts that tend to stagnate after a certain period
  • Have a diagnosis on the autism spectrum or strongly identify with autism and are willing to reflect on it
  • Have normal to high intelligence
  • Want to learn how to better interact with someone in their immediate environment
  • Are willing to invest time, money, and energy in discussions and in processing and applying insights

Through a concise learning question focusing on one relationship and clearly defined goals, you will work together to improve this relationship.

For Loved Ones of Individuals with Autism:
This trajectory is also suitable for loved ones of individuals with autism, such as partners, parents, and colleagues. If you want to better understand and support your loved one, participating in this trajectory can help strengthen the relationship.

Coaching Approach:
Clear and concrete worksheets are used. Each step outlines what is being worked on and what follows.

Where is the coaching provided?
In the Breda and/or Haarlemmermeer areas, coaching can be delivered in person or through a combination of online and in-person sessions. Outside these areas, coaching is conducted online. Customization is possible through discussion.

There are often inquiries about the costs of such a trajectory. The cost depends on the specific coaching requirements. Unfortunately, coaching is not covered by health insurance. Payment can be arranged through personal budget (PGB) from municipalities or employers. Alternatively, individuals can cover the costs themselves.

If you would like more information, please fill out the contact form below, and I will get in touch with you.