Birsen Basar (Breda, the Netherlands 4th January 1986) is a Dutch-Turkish woman who tries to make autism known in the world. After years of discussions and talks with social care workers Birsen learned at the age of 21 that she has autism. From that moment on she tries to get attention and make autism known among people. She gives presentations in countries like Belgium, the Netherlands and Turkey for parents, people with autism, teachers, psychologist, doctors and many more groups. She appears on television shows and has written 3 books about her life with autism. She is currently working on her fourth book about autism in other cultures.

There has been made a documentary about her life with autism called ‘Birsen’. In this documentary she has been followed 3 years by cameras showing television viewers her daily life. The documentary has appeared both on the Turkish and Dutch television. In april 2015 Birsen made a new documentary about autism in Turkey.

Since august 2014 Birsen is the ambassador of the Dutch Association for Autism. In her daily life she works as a controller subsidiaries at the local authority of Breda. Birsen Basar has two bachelor degrees. In 2007 she finished her first bachelor called Management, Economics and Law. In order to give better presentations and increase her knowledge of autism, Birsen studied from 2011 until 2014 the bachelor for Autism Specialism.

Birsen has the ambition to give / hold presentations about autism all over the world. She speaks English, French, Dutch and Turkish. In her free time she likes to travel, play flute, read books, going to the movies and meet friends. Her biggest interest is off course autism. Birsen doesn’t want money for her presentations but if you would like to give something, souvenirs of your country are very welcome.