Hello! How nice that you’re visiting my website! My name is Birsen Basar, and I proudly fulfill various roles in the world of autism. I am a speaker, writer, trainer, researcher, autism coach, and a prospective orthopedagogue. My website is organized into clear sections such as presentations, training, research, and coaching.

As an author, I have written books about my life with autism, and as an experienced speaker and autism coach, I have delivered over 500 presentations since 2009. My speaking skills and expertise in autism have taken me to diverse places, including mental health institutions, high schools, universities, colleges, migrant groups, and Autism Information Centers, both in the Netherlands and abroad. I have shared my knowledge and passion for autism in as many as 44 out of the 81 provinces in Turkey.

In addition to my involvement in presentations and coaching, I am working on other exciting projects within the field of autism. My documentary, ‘Birsen,’ premiered on April 2, 2013, and was broadcasted by the NTR and the Turkish channel TRT in Turkey. In April 2014, we began filming my second documentary, ‘Someone Like Me,’ which highlights the impact of autism in Turkey. A camera crew followed me for this documentary. Both documentaries were broadcasted by the NTR in 2017. Additionally, I have participated in various television programs, magazines, and newspapers to speak about autism.

I am currently studying for a Master’s in Orthopedagogy at the Vrije Universiteit and the Research Master Child Development and Education at the University of Amsterdam. I believe it’s essential to combine research and practice.

If you would like more information or have a question, feel free to contact me!