My diagnosis was made over 14 years ago. I was given some pamphlets that explained what autism was, but it didn’t mean anything to me. It wasn’t until I started reading books written by people with autism and underwent psycho-education that I began to recognize myself in it. Honestly, I’m never done with this process; every day, I learn something new. In interviews, I’m often asked about my reaction when the diagnosis was confirmed. The truth is, it didn’t affect me much because I didn’t know what it was. During coaching sessions, I see how crucial it is for my clients to work on ‘Understanding Autism,’ as it helps them better comprehend and place autism within themselves.

The coaching trajectory is suitable for individuals who identify with the characteristics of autism or have recently received the diagnosis. Of course, you can also participate if some time has passed since the diagnosis, and you’re still figuring out what the characteristics of autism mean for you. Gaining insight into your autism can be a wonderful gift to yourself! What do you get:

  • You learn what autism is.
  • You understand what the characteristics of autism mean for you.
  • You identify your strengths in autism.
  • You learn/gain insight into how to deal with the characteristics you find challenging.
  • Clear worksheets are used.

For Loved Ones of Individuals with Autism:
This trajectory is also suitable for loved ones of individuals with autism, such as partners, parents, and colleagues. If you want to better understand and support your loved one, participating in this trajectory can provide insight for you as well.

Where is the coaching provided?
In the Breda and/or Haarlemmermeer areas, coaching can be delivered in person or through a combination of online and in-person sessions. Outside these areas, coaching is conducted online. Customization is possible through discussion.

There are often inquiries about the costs of such a trajectory. The cost depends on the specific coaching requirements. Unfortunately, coaching is not covered by health insurance. Payment can be arranged through personal budget (PGB) from municipalities or employers. Alternatively, individuals can cover the costs themselves.

If you are interested, please contact me.