My name is Birsen, and I specialize in coaching individuals with autism and their support systems. I have been doing this since 2011. Being an individual with personal experience with autism is my strength, allowing me to better empathize with the stories and experiences of those I coach. I am a coach who continuously seeks personal development and believes in the idea that learning is a lifelong process.

In my coaching practice, I employ various techniques to empower you, enabling us to get to the core of the issues in just a few sessions. In addition to completing the Autism Coach Training, I have a background in Social Pedagogical Assistance (SPH) and am registered with SKJ (Youth Care Professionals Register). Currently, I am pursuing a Master’s in Orthopedagogy at the Vrije Universiteit and a Research Master’s at the University of Amsterdam.

I particularly enjoy working with individuals who:

  • Are motivated and ready for change and improvement in their lives.
  • Are 15 years or older and have autism or identify with autism characteristics.
  • Are parents, partners, or loved ones of individuals with autism seeking better understanding and support.

Feel free to explore the various coaching packages I offer. If you don’t find your specific coaching question among the packages, please contact me at